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2010 January 19, 2010

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2010 arrived with me having:

  • 13 active (or semi) active WIPs*
  • 8 hibernating projects**
  • 13 bagged “Stash Roulette” projects (all planned for 2009 and not a one touched the whole year. Oy.)

I’ve cast on for 3 more projects since (one Stash Roulette which is now nearly half done –go me!!, one TKE knitalong –Fireside cabled cardi, and one pair of fair isle mittens whose pattern intimidates the hell out of me).

The point of all of this, you ask?

Well, it’s not a New Year’s resolution since I always fail those miserably, but it is my intention to have at least all of those 21 WIPs/hibernators off of the needles, whether it be it by the preferred method of finally finishing them up, or frogging if I find that I’m just not into them anymore. That’s the plan. I don’t want to go into 2011 with anything that came into 2010 already on the needles.

I’d also like to have completed 6 of the 13 stash roulette projects. They’re mostly socks or one-skein projects, so this could definitely be doable.


I better get knitting.


unnamed shrug test knit for Amy King

garter rib socks

Peaks Island Hood

2×2 rib socks

a gift knit

garter stitch kitty blanket


4×2 socks


Little Cable Hoodie

Central Park Hoodie

Hearts and Stars Blanket

Ribbed Lace socks.



thrummed mittens

2×2 rib socks

Children’s Neck Down Cardigan

Rectangle Shawl

Knitted Kitty



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